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Since 2005, 60 groups of students and professors have had the opportunity to learn about Brazil by taking courses, doing research, traveling, participating in service learning activities, living with local host families, and immersing themselves in Brazilian culture

We have established formal partnerships with Penn State, Spelman College, University of South Florida, University of Virginia, NMH School, University of Florida and the Faculdade Social da Bahia (FSBA), a prestigious private university located in Salvador

Brazil Cultural organizes annual summer programs (4 to 6 weeks), offering accredited courses in Brazilian Culture, Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, Doing Business in Brazil, Business and the Environment, or Portuguese Language

We have designed such programs for our partner universities: Penn State (2005 to 2014), Spelman College (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015), University of South Florida (2013, 2014),
University of Virginia (2014) and University of Florida (2016)

Brazil Cultural also design customized academic programs (1 to 2 weeks), assist with the logistics of international seminars and conferences in several academic areas, and support and advise on research activities undertaken by professors and students

We have helped organizing prestigious programs related to the African Diaspora, such as the International Conference on Caribbean Literature in Salvador (2015) and the UNCF/Mellon Foundation International Seminar in Bahia (2011, 2012, 2013)

We have also designed and led research and study trips on the African Diaspora in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais or Bahia for Swarthmore College (2013), Spelman College Museum (2013), Purdue University (2014), College of New Rochelle (2015),
and Brooklyn College, CUNY (2015)

Brazil Cultural also planned and led customized programs related to doing business in Brazil--Drake University (2014, 2015); to cultural and religious topics--NMH School (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015), Maryville College (2008), IES Abroad Rio de Janeiro (2014, 2015, 2016); to Brazilian film an television-- University of Virginia (2016); to art, history and politics--Augustana College (2009); and to children's literature--Salisbury University (2013)

Throughout these years, we have developed strong partnerships in Brazil with local cultural, educational and environmental organizations, such as Fundação Pierre Verger,
Instituto Cultural Steve Biko, Projeto Social Pré-Vestibular Quilombo Ilha, and
Associação de Arte e Cultura Quilombo do Tereré, among others.

We also have working relations with several universities, multinationals, family-owned corporations, small businesses, NGO's and governmental organizations throughout Brazil

Through these partnerships we have created a successful and unique methodology, active learning and service-learning model that has a direct impact on the educational experience of program participants as well as their Brazilian counterparts

Students from Brazilian organizations intern with Brazil Cultural and/or participate for free in courses, cultural activities, day trips and other social and educational functions in order to improve their professional skills, English language, and cultural background

At the same time, our visiting students and professors gain a much deeper understanding of Brazilian culture, business, and language from this interaction
during the service-learning programs



Brazil Cultural partners with Academia Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires), Academia Bariloche (Patagonia), and Academia Uruguay (Montevideo), offering study and travel programs,
teachers' training and service learning activities. Your school can combine a visit to
the three cities, where the schools are located, as part of the same program,
and participated in several types of courses to meet personal needs
and enhance the learning experience

Spanish Language
Business & Medical Spanish
Teacher's Training
Latin American Culture
African Diaspora (Buenos Aires and Montevideo)
Cultural Routes
Other disciplines



Brazil Cultural collaborates with the Centro Internacional de Español at the University of Malaga, and with Alma SCM and offers courses, travel programs, teacher's training and
service learning activities in the Andalusia region and other parts of Spain

Spanish Language
Spanish Culture
African Diaspora & Immigration
Sustainable Development: Agriculture & Business
Mediterranean Cuisine
Sustainable Tourism
Cultural Routes
Other disciplines


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