Brazil Cultural

Brazil Cultural develops and leads customized short-term academic, cultural and travel programs in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain for high learning institutions
in conjunction with local universities, social and educational organizations

We offer academic courses, cultural activities, service learning opportunities, and travel adventures related to the connected histories and cultures of Latin America, Africa and Europe

Learn and explore connections across different disciplines and fields of knowledge on the Global South and Spain through a distinctive exchange methodology and active learning strategies

Study and travel with us to places like Salvador, Malaga, Buenos Aires, Praia do Forte, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Cachoeira, Bariloche, Cordoba, Montevideo, Manilva, Itaparica Island or Tanger

All our study and travel programs are led by well-known professors and professionals who are totally committed to offering an outstanding and safe academic, cultural and travel experience

We support research initiatives by students and professors while benefiting social,
education and environmental projects

Brazil Cultural has gained an international reputation as a premier study abroad provider.
We can help your institution design and lead a program that meets your academic
objectives and professional and personal expectations

We also offer language and university exchange programs in the United States, Canada, Australia or Europe for students and professionals around the globe (INTERCAMBIO).

We have years of experience helping students and travelers
to learn, enjoy, commit and integrate

See below information about our Work Philosophy, Activities and Accommodations


W O R K    P H I L O S O P H Y

B R A Z I L   C U L T U R A L

~ Fosters trust, fair trade & transparency

~ Promotes an educational culture of respect, responsibility and health

~ Delivers the best in personal attention and care

~ Welcomes students and travelers from all ages, genders, ethnicities and cultural
backgrounds willing to learn, adventure, commit, and have a fantastic time

~ Helps you discovery, learn, enjoy, integrate and relax while leading you with
professionalism, quality and safety

~ Treats you as your personal and cultural Ambassador offering
24 hours assistance and logistic support

~ Works with top of the line professionals, professors and cultural leaders
(in English, Spanish & Portuguese)

~ Strengths the interrelationship between class content or presentations and
on-site cultural and travel activities

~ Gives direct access to engaging people, rare collections and curious places

~ Integrates visitors into our large family formed by people from different cultural,
ethnic and national backgrounds. Please, join our facebook community

~ Helps to locate the best family, apartment and hotel accommodations

~ Opens doors to people interested in understanding Brazil. Argentina, Uruguay and Spain, practicing Spanish or Portuguese, doing service learning, getting an internship,
researching for a project or book, or sharing their skills

~ Collaborates with educational, cultural, social and environmental institutions and organizations committed to improve educational and living conditions
in the Global South and Spain

~ Develops distinctive courses, workshops, activities and itineraries for individuals, small groups, university programs, alumni associations and travel specialists,
taking into consideration professional or personal objectives



~ Benefit from a personalized cultural immersion and orientation program just design for you

~ Visit historical cities, small towns, natural parks, colonial towns, immense rivers, historic missions, abandoned sugar plantations and pristine beaches

~ Enjoy healthy, delicious and unique foods, fruits and drinks

~ Photograph and film the vibrant faces, the exuberant landscapes and animal life and visit museums, private collections and local artisans' studios

~ Participate in service learning activities and meet local people every day while experiencing nature, culture, music, dance, festivals, art, cuisine, religion, and handcrafts

~ Walk and exercise on the beach early mornings, enjoy a therapeutic massage,
practice Iyengar yoga, and be happy on your own

~ In Brazil, learn about cooking, dance, Capoeira, history, slavery, indigenous people, the African Diaspora, economic cycles, women's struggle, literature and photography
from the best professors and professionals

~ Take an exciting expedition through the Amazon region, the Atlantic rain forest or the Bahian Reconcavo (bay area), or come to see the humpback whales and the sea turtles in Bahia

~ In Argentina and Uruguay travel to Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche & Patagonia, Resistencia, Punta del Este or Iguacu Fall

~ In Argentina, experiment traveling from Resistencia to Iguacu fall, visiting the house of Horacio Quiroga, or going to Patagonia to see the glaciar Perito Moreno glaciar falling apart

~ In Spain, travel to Malaga, Cordoba, Puente Genil, Madrid, Granada or Ibiza, among many other great cities and small and beautiful towns

~ Experiment the literary Ruta de Don Quijote, the spiritual Camino de Santiago,
the wines and delicacies of Spain, the magic of the white mountain towns
in Andalusia, or the charm and history of Ibiza

Are you ready?



Where would you prefer to stay?

~ in the most beautiful Brazilian pousada, or a chic Argentinean hotel

~ in a comfortable yacht exploring the rivers of the Amazon or in the Mediterranean

~ at a great house in the middle of the Atlantic forest or in Punta del Este beach

~ in a modern apartment in Manaus, Buenos Aires or in the most fashionable district of Madrid

~ at a rustic hotel on a desert beach somewhere in Bahia, Uruguay or the coast of Cadiz

~ in a comfortable jungle lodge in the Amazon, or at a hotel looking at Alhambra

~ or with a wonderful Brazilian or Spanish family in Salvador,
Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Malaga


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